Looking Good: 10 Top Tips for How to Accessorize a Dress

Research shows you have seven seconds to make a winning first impression. Fashion is a fantastic way to express your personality especially through finer details like accessories. Perhaps you’ve just been shopping but you’re unsure how to accessorize a dress. Sound familiar? No worries, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are the top 10 best ways to accessorize.

1. Mix Your Metal Jewelry

There’s no better way to complete an outfit than by checking out Badass Jewelry for their metal accessories. Pick your favorite metal for a base and add a few contrasting pieces for a unique style. For instance, choose a chunky silver ring or elegant earrings and match them with a thin, gold necklace.

2. Embrace Animal Prints

If you want to accessorize your style, experiment with animal prints. Try on a leopard jacket or a zebra scarf to add a dash of personality. If animal prints feel too outlandish, try animal-inspired earrings or bangles.

3. Wear a Belt

Out of the basic accessories, belts are the most popular. Not only do they add interest to your outfit but they are body-flattering, creating the illusion of an hourglass shape. You can also use belts to introduce color to your outfit. Deep burgundy or blue work great against dark-colored dresses. Regardless of whether you choose a narrow or wide belt, they’re guaranteed to elevate any outfit.

4. Don’t Forget Your Nails

It’s easy to overlook nails but they’re the tiny details that should never be missed. Even if you don’t want to splurge on a manicure, give your nails a fresh coat of paint or take a file and clean up the shape so your digits are even and neat. If you’re not a huge fan of bright colors, select a combination of base and topcoat so your nails are protected. Plus, nails are the best way to enhance your ring collection so make them count.

Having said that, it’s important to never have naked wrists. You can choose a slim, silver bangle or buy a set of chunky ones. Or get creative with what you’ve got in the jewelry box and sport a collection of patterned bangles. Be playful with your jewelry, you don’t always have to perfectly match everything.

5. Pair With the Perfect Handbag

An essential dress accessory is a perfect purse. Simple dresses work best with a textured clutch or one with a snazzy print. If you’re lacking inspiration, consider your jewelry and use the color to find the perfect purse for your outfit.

6. Choose Comfortable Shoes

When choosing footwear for your outfit accessories, consider your plans. Is it for an evening or an entire day? Casual or formal? Long-wear days need comfortable platform heels so your body weight is evenly distributed. And if it’s for a night out, skinny pumps are perfect as they make a statement and your feet will last the night. Top tip: petite girls can choose heels that blend with their skin tone as they elongate legs, perfect with a dress or shorts.

7. Be Careful About Jewelry Sets

Jewelry sets are the best accessories for dresses but there is an etiquette to follow. Even though a matching bracelet and necklace is an effortless way to accessorize your outfit, make sure they’re not overpowering. If you’re wearing a patterned or embroidered dress, you don’t want jewelry that’s too elaborate. Instead, find simple jewelry that completes, not competes with your dress.

Finding your jewelry is getting too overwhelming? Opt for a tasteful pendant necklace as they compliment any outfit, casual or formal. You could pair it with drop earrings to highlight your facial features so find the perfect updo for an elegant look.

8. Top It Off With a Hat

Depending on your dress, experiment with hats or hair accessories. Try a beret, cloche, or a Panama hat with your dress as it’s the best way to complete the ensemble. Luckily, there are hats to fit every season so be adventurous.

9. Add a Jacket

Jackets flatter dresses whether it’s a formal silver jacket or a denim one. If it’s a formal dress, you can choose a structured jacket to give flair to your outfit. Or don a colorful cardigan if you’re heading to the office. Consider your body shape when you’re choosing a jacket. You want one that enhances your curves and your best features so don’t pick an oversized one.

10. Complete Your Look With Makeup

No outfit is complete without doing your makeup. In fact, research shows 44% of American women don’t like leaving their homes without wearing makeup. Decide what color your dress is. For instance, if you’re wearing a bubble-gum pink dress then use blush and lipstick to complement it so it’s not overbearing. A general rule is if you’re wearing a loud outfit, keep the makeup minimum. But when you’re donning burgundy or navy blue, you can experiment with snazzy colors. Avoid going overboard by matching everything as it could ruin your look entirely. You must also focus on your best features so if you have big eyes, experiment with eyeshadow or eyeliner to accentuate them.

Now you know the 10 best ways how to accessorize a dress. Match the colors of your accessories with your outfit, experiment with hats, and find the perfect purse to round off your look. Remember to have fun with accessorizing and experiment with different colors or pieces until you’re confident with the result.

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