7 Ways to Get Rid of Static Cling on Clothes

The main reason for the occurrence of static electricity is the friction of materials against each other. Thus, electric charges get accumulated on the non-conducting surface. One surface has a positive charge, and the other one is negative. They are attracted to each other and can produce a spark. Even if your wardrobe consists mostly of the clothing made from natural fabrics, it is not always possible to avoid static electricity.


Avoid synthetic fabrics

The most efficient and effective method to get rid of electrostatics on clothes is not to wear clothes made of synthetic fabrics and give preference to natural ones (silk, linen, cashmere, cotton, etc.). After all, natural fabrics absorb moisture and thus practically do not accumulate electric charges.

Antistatic spray cures static cling easily

The main means for controlling static electricity is an antistatic spray. This composition removes charge from the fabric. After processing the things with it, you can be sure that the skirt will not stick to the tights, and your interlocutor will not get an electric shock when touching you.

Conditioner and fabric softener

Antistatic products are available in the form of sprays that are the most convenient to use. Conditioners and fabric softeners with an antistatic effect can often be found in stores.

Homemade static cling removing spray

You can quickly remove static electricity from clothes by spraying them with water and adding the required amount of fabric softener. This mixture should be lightly sprayed on clothes. However, this method eliminates electrostatics only for a short period of time.

Water removes static cling on clothes

Water can help solve the problem of static electricity. It is necessary to moisten your hands and lightly smooth the clothes to make them a bit wet. This method, however, has a short-term action.

Do not mix fabrics to avoid static cling

When wearing clothes made of artificial fabrics, you should not put on a few things at once (however, artificial fabrics can be combined with natural ones).

Wear shoes with leather soles

Wearing shoes with leather or rubber soles will help avoid the accumulation of electric charge on the body. Cotton shoe insoles can be put inside your shoes, or special strips with an anti-static effect can be glued to the sole.

How to use an antistatic spray


The products sprayed on the clothes can be divided into two types. One of them contains ethyl alcohol. Such an antistatic product evaporates from the surface of the garment rather quickly, but a resistant odor remains after using it. Apply a product like this only in well-ventilated rooms and at least 12 hours before you put on the clothing item.

Other antistatic agents are made on the basis of water and are considered practically safe. However, one should admit that no household chemicals can be absolutely harmless. Despite the fact that water-based sprays resemble alcohol-based antistatic agents only due to the presence of surfactants, they remain on your clothing longer and can irritate the skin. If an allergy occurs while using the spray, you need to give it up. To replace it, pay attention to a water-soluble paste or a fabric softener. These antistatic agents are produced even for children’s clothes, and the risk of an allergic reaction is reduced to zero.

An antistatic product needs to be quickly applied on the inside of the garment; it is not necessary to use it on the outer side. Do not spray it on the fabric abundantly. The spray is applied at the distance of 20 centimeters from the fabric surface. You should not use the antistatic simultaneously on your tights and, for example, a skirt because this can have the opposite effect.

When there is no antistatic: a life hack

Skin cream is a very good way of getting rid of the static cling. In emergency situations, you can apply a non-greasy cream or lotion directly on the surface of the electrified stockings or tights to get rid of electric cling and a raising skirt.

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