3 Tips for Selecting a Perfect Puffer Coat for Winter

Five years ago, stylists criticized every mention of puffer coats. Time goes by, and puffer coats are triumphantly returning to trends. Of course, you have to be selective – we are talking about the most important ones.

How to choose the perfect puffer coat for the winter of 2020/2021?


The most important thing in an up-to-date puffer coat for this and, perhaps, the next ten seasons is its volume. It should be neither oversized (if you don’t like the opposite) nor thin – such puffer coats are a forgotten attribute of the past. Pay attention to voluminous puffer coats that you want to wrap yourself in. Cocoons, blankets or quilted down coats that create volume through cut – this will remain trendy for a long time.


Stylists suggest not to restrain yourself and choose whatever we want. With only one exception. Ultra-short models that barely cover the navel, midi puffer coats, maxi blankets. A couple of seasons ago, the most predictable length of a puffer coat was just above the knee, but it remained in the past.

It seems that for the perfect versatile wardrobe, one puffer coat is not enough: choose a short model for sporty looks and a long cocoon for the coldest days.


Another moment that makes it possible to choose from different options. This season, designers have released down jackets from a variety of materials. Velour and faux fur are good and look anything but boring. Yet, we advise you to pay special attention to the skin: firstly, it is trendy. Secondly, it’s beautiful. And most importantly, it is convenient: a damp cloth is enough for daily care.

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