Things You Hate About Your BFF

She’s a nice person, you have things in common, you enjoy chatting, shopping together and hanging out with her, but she also has this one character trait you hate. Your BFF just can’t be perfect. And here are the things she does that would annoy everyone.

She Talks Too Much

Once you pop, you can’t stop. Once she gets the word, she can’t stop talking. If you call her to ask one simple short question, she starts telling you all the latest about people you may not know or sharing her problems one by one with details.

In such situations, you can neither say a word and try to interrupt her nor find a pause in her speech and let her know you have no time right now. This is how you can easily waste 30 to 60 minutes (screaming in your head: ‘SHUT UP!’). Maybe it’s better to text her instead of calling? Or try saying at the beginning of the conversation that you only have a few minutes and after you have to go.

She Doesn’t Share

At first sight, this trait doesn’t seem to be a problem. Remember the How to Win Friends and Influence People book by Dale Carnegie? That’s what people appreciate, isn’t it? But after you’ve shared too much personal stuff about you, you start thinking: ‘What do I know about her?’ And you realize there’s nothing you could tell.

You feel your girlfriend is a spy who only gets information about you to maybe someday use it. And not in your favor. Be careful with such people and control what you tell.

She Doesn’t Care

Your BBF only speaks about her own problems and never asks sincerely how you are. Well, such friendship resembles a one-way street. Like Freddie Mercury sang in the song Let Me Live: ‘All I do is give. And all you do is take.’ Do you have that much to give, or would it be better to stop giving and find new friends who also share?

She’s Always Late

You’ve reserved a table at a restaurant to celebrate, and she’s the last one to come? As usual! Is it typical for her? But someday you will be so irritated by her being eternally late that you’ll miss the date and just stay at home. Let her wait for you once or more times to feel it. Let’s hope it will teach her to value the time and respect yours. She’s not the most important person in the world. Even if she finds so.

She Tells You What to Do

She has no kids, but as soon as you tell her how difficult it is to make your baby fall to sleep, she gives you tips. Although you’ve never asked her for one. When incompetent people give unsolicited advice, just state your feelings and share what you expect instead.

I see that you care, but all I need at the moment is a listening ear – not advice from a person who’s never held a baby.

She Tries to Change You

It feels she doesn’t accept who you are and judges you every time you share your problem with her or show her a new dress you purchased. She finds your hobbies weird and your new hair color too much. So, is she really the friend you need?

She Immediately Wants All You Have

If you buy a mini skirt, she wants exactly the same one. If you order decaf, she does too. If you tell her you want to conceive, she urgently starts discussing the baby topic with her husband. Do you really need a doppelganger? I don’t think so.

There’s an easy way to stop it: don’t share all your thoughts with her, especially your plans. Keep your secrets to yourself. She doesn’t need to know you’re planning a trip to Mexico or you’re changing your job. And after all, are you ready to compete all the time? Because that’s what she does.

She Can’t Keep Secrets

You asked her not to tell anyone and after you realize everybody knows your secret? Well, she’s absolutely not your friend at all. Is hanging out with her more important for you than your privacy?

She only Speaks and Never Acts

She loves saying she could help you with this or that issue if you need. And you feel secure. You’re sure when the problem comes, she won’t leave you in the lurch. That would be great! But when it really comes to helping, she surprisingly has no time, or she’s ill. Or suddenly the person she would recommend disappears, and she can’t reach them anymore. Or she tells you all the time she would babysit when you have a job interview, but when it comes to it, she can’t at precisely that time on that day. What a pity! And what a surprise! But next time she will help you, by all means, she says. Sure, when pigs fly.

Your Girlfriend Envies Your Success

She can’t even force a smile when she finds out you have a new car? You’re happy in love with a new man, but she seems not to be able to share your joy? If she can’t be happy for you, she’s envy. Be careful and stay clear of such a person!

She Wants Your Man

OK, that’s not a character trait, but it really annoys. She may be an interesting and cute person you enjoy hanging out with. Even if you trust your husband/boyfriend, you shouldn’t tolerate those sexy smiles and signs of attention in relation to him. She’s hunting at your home, and the trophy is your man. Get rid of this ‘friend’ asap!

So, now it’s for you to decide if you can live with this or that quality of your girlfriend and still be in contact with this person. Or maybe she irritates you so much by doing one or a few things listed above so that you never want to see her again.

Are there any traits you hate about your BFFs? Or about people who used to be your friends? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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