Vegetarianism Harms the Brain?

Vegetarianism Harms the BrainAccording to a half-year long study conducted by scientists from Oxford University, perceived health benefits of vegetarianism might eventually turn into health problems. Eating solely vegetarian food leads to decrease in the brain volume as we age, so the scientists warn against excluding fish and meat from diet.

Why We Need to Eat Meet

Oxford scientists say that the lack of such foods as meat (especially liver), milk and fish causes essential nutrients deficiencies. Researches emphasized on vitamin B12 that is found in the food of animal origin. B12 deficiency causes anemia and central nervous system disorders. Yeast extract in some vegetarian dishes may partially supplement B12 deficiency.

Vegetarianism and Brain Health

The scientists discovered the fact after they observed over 100 of patients aged between 16 and 87 years. According to them, the changes were especially evident among the age group of 61-87 years. They focused their research on this group. Researches say they even observed some patients over five years. The results showed decreased brain activity and memory impairment. Besides, tomograms revealed the decreases in brain volume.

The scientists firmly claim vegetarianism has negative effects on the brain activity and, in some extreme cases, may trigger brain dysfunctions.

Brain Health and Drinking Alcohol

Additionally, the scientists analyzed the brain of beer lovers and people who prefer wine. It turned out that drinking beer is safer for the brain. Wine lovers’ hypothalamus (brain zone responsible for memory) was on average 10% less in size compared to that of barley beverage drinkers.

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