Tangerine Helps Lose Weight

TangerineSouth Korean scientists discovered that tangerine consumption reduces obesity, liver fat, and lowers fat accumulations in abdominal cavity. Researchers observed obese school students for two months. The students were given tangerine drinks on a regular basis. The participants also engaged in gymnastics as part of the study.

The second control group also engaged in gymnastics for the two months, but did not eat tangerines. According to the results, participants in the first group dropped 1.5 per cent of excess weight. The second experiment was also held, which was carried out on rats. This experiment showed that injections of tangerine concentrate lead to 59 per cent drop in abdominal fat accumulation in animals. Overall, the animals lost 45 per cent of weight. Currently the doctors are developing a special tangerine drink for weight loss. Let’s hope that we’re going to find this drink on the shelves soon.

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