Snacks for Models

Here it something that models can teach us. They know how to get a good mood from a minimum of calories, be full of energy and reduce stress. Today, tells you the secrets of snacks for models.

Victoria's Secret Angel Miranda Kerr

After Training

Low-fat chocolate milk cocktail is the perfect means of recovery after the most intense training. Its ratio of protein and carbohydrates is perfect for the restoration and strengthening of muscles.

Before Presentations

Oatmeal will help to collect oneself before castings and presentations. It will keep the blood sugar levels stable. And if you add an orange, vitamin C will reduce the levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Chili For the Better Mood

There are a lot of important events and tasks left, and your mood has dwindled down to zero? No chocolates and pizzas. Red chili pepper will accelerate blood circulation and invigorate the body. These two factors will immediately raise your spirits.

Before Sleep

Busy girls may find it difficult to fall asleep after a busy day, when the thoughts and ideas are still overwhelming. Eat a banana, for it includes tryptophan, the element that causes drowsiness. It is also helpful to drink a glass of milk or eat a slice of cheese.

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