Sleep in Darkness to Shed Excess Weight

The people, who do not sleep in darkness, can face the problem of obesity. At the same time, these people can exercise regularly and keep to a diet. The researchers from Ohio State University have reached this conclusion after a lengthy investigation.


In other words, all the people, who want to have a normal weight, must forget about night lamps and get used to sleeping in darkness. For this purpose, the windows should have blackout curtains to protect you from morning light in summer.

The study was aimed at analyzing laboratory rodents that spent nights in cages, which were penetrated by a faint light. During 8 weeks, the professionals made the rodents sleep at night with a dim light. At the end of the study, some changes in the body weight of the animals were reported – they gained about 30% more weight than usual.

At the same time, the rodents’ diet was the same in quality and the content of calories. Their physical activity was under the researchers’ control. The mice that spent nights in the light gained fifteen grams during two months on average.

According to the organizers of the study, even a faint glow that affects the person during sleep leads to gaining weight. The people should not necessarily eat high-calorie foods or have a sedentary lifestyle. The researchers also note that many people can not sleep in total darkness for many reasons. However, they should gradually get used to darkness while sleeping.

According to The Telegraph, the negative impact of sleeping in the light appears even if you do not change your usual diet. The light causes changes in body metabolism, which lead to accumulating extra pounds.

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