Shopping Helps Women Burn 48,000 Calories a Year

No more do we need fitness centers, treadmills and exercising machines! Just give us credit cards. According to a new study, an average woman burns 48,000 calories every year by doing shopping. And we burn calories not by sweating or crying away as we are passing by something we want to have but can’t pay for.


It is just that shopping is a great physical exercise that burns 47,700 calories every year. Just think about it. If a daily calorie intake for many is around 1,900 calories, we burn about 25 daily calorie intakes doing shopping. In other words, shopping burns approximately your monthly calorie intake.

Calculation was based on the following assumptions. A woman goes shopping 132 times a year, on average. It makes 159 hours and 56 minutes of fast walking.

The study was also based on a poll among women. It involved 3,000 women. 52 percent said they feel more tired after shopping than after visiting the gym. Seven out ten women said they feel exhausted after shopping.

Sounds like a good excuse to hunt for clearance sales.

The study was carried out by Skinny Cow.

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