How Do Victoria’s Secret Angels Lose Pregnancy Weight?

We will not stop admiring how great – even better than before – Miranda Kerr, Doutzen Kroes, Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima look after the birth of their children (and their kids are also our favorites!).

Victorias secret models

The head of Victoria’s Secret marketing says that “angels” have become “more beautiful than ever”, because, in his opinion, they have a special confidence now, they are committed and they know they are capable of anything. Of course, genetics, physical exercise in a gym, and a strict diet played an important role in weight loss and the girls’ changing.

Miranda Kerr

Perhaps, of all the mothers, Miranda Kerr benefited most. Her slender figure got feminine shapes, her movements became more graceful, and her smile became more radiant – not for nothing, after all, was she entrusted with the demonstration of a precious bra!

Miranda Kerr weigh loss after pregnancy

I was asked to do it after I gave birth. That was awesome. It’s such an honour.

The girl struggled with her extra pounds with the help of yoga, pilates, and strength training. And she deliberately chose the programs that she could run at home, in her living room:

I do have less time, but I do try to exercise every day. I exercise at home with my son playing around with his toys on the floor.

The model believes that watching the way she trains, Flynn, her rosy-cheeked and handsome son, will get used to the idea that sport is an essential part of daily routine. The same can be said about a healthy diet, of which Kerr is a follower.

Miranda Kerr with son

As a rule, her breakfast consists of fresh fruit with yogurt, eggs, and rye bread with avocado. For midday lunch, she usually has a salad with tuna and green tea, while fish steak with vegetables (pumpkin is a priority here!), green salad, and tea are for dinner. It sounds, by the way, very appetizing!

Doutzen Kroes

Doutzen Kroes says that ABS (Abdominal – Back – Spine) strength training helped her return the usual shape:

Abs, abs, lots of ab exercises all the time.

Doutzen Kroes weigh loss after pregnancy

In addition, she excludes carbohydrates from her diet before important events, replacing them with protein food (several times a day in small portions), and drinks fresh juices (no chemicals!). The result is obvious. And it can easily be seen on her body, of course.

The model is convinced that after the birth of the first baby, her body has changed, and she likes this metamorphosis:

I wish every woman can feel so sexy after birth. It’s your body but it’s also a feeling.

Despite the high fees, the Dutch model firmly believes that the main thing is to stick to a regime. And if she has to work overtime, she may allow herself a few days of rest.

The beautiful blonde gladly takes Phyllon to the shooting with her, but only if it is not far away from home. Kroes says that the boy is too young to become a traveler.

Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio, who became a mother nearly three years ago, quickly gained the previous shape. Now, the “angelic” beauty is happy with her body, like never before:

I’m definitely more proud of my body now. Our bodies are changed as we get older, and I’m more conscious of it now. Now, I’m a woman doing the show, not a girl.

Alessandra Ambrosio weight loss

The young mother says that her preparation for the show begins a few weeks before it. In particular, she does not eat chocolate (though it is not always required of her). Recently, she does not have much time for sports, so she prefers to spend time with her daughter Anja, who, despite her young age, is a true fashion lover:

She loves dressing up, and there is always a lot of dress up here. There are wings – so much fun for her!

Alessandra Ambrosio with daughter Anna

Adriana Lima

But Adriana Lima had to do her best (both literally and figuratively) more than others. A week before the very important display, the model had to start an extremely strict diet, which consisted of only water and special protein shakes. She also began to actively attend sports classes (twice a day!), boxing in particular.

Adriana Lima weight loss

The results were quite soon to come: some argue that the Brazilian model has become even “hotter”, while others criticize her for promoting anorexia.

Adriana says that she just has the same approach to many things, as athletes have, and she does not have to stick to this severe diet all the time! That is the way she prepares for the show. After the show, she again goes back to normal life and eats whatever she wants.

Judging by how elegant Lima currently is, she has not yet kept her word about eating everything she wants.

Adriana Lima with her family

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