How to Become a Victoria’s Secret Model?

Victoria’s Secret models are among the most beautiful women in the world. But beautiful bodies result from a lot of work and strict adherence to the rules, set by nutritionists and trainers. Would you like to know what you need to go through in order to get close to the parameters of Victoria’s Secret girls? Read about the four-month experiment, which fitness blogger Poppy Cross dared to undergo.


This experiment led to four months of very hard work. Initial requirements for all the candidates who are seeking the “Angel” title are as follows: the height – not less than 175 cm, the waist – not more than 61 cm. This is where genetics ends and hard work begins. According to the creative director of the Victoria’s Secret company Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou, the girls should be at the peak of their shape, like Olympians.

The body


The main objective of getting the “Angel” body, in addition to the above parameters, is the percentage of body fat less than 18%. In a healthy toned woman, the percentage of body fat varies from 21 to 24%, and in female athletes this figure is 14-20%.

Poppy Cross had the following parameters before the start of the experiment: the waist – 66 cm, the percentage of body fat – 22%.

Poppy Cross’ personal coach during the experiment, Dan Roberts, worked with Victoria’s Secret models. According to him, the buttocks should be as solid as concrete; the oblique belly muscles should be clearly visible, and even a cursory glance should notice their shape; thin arms should resemble Gisele Bündchen’s arms; and the hips require much effort as they should be easily discernible. In addition, it is needed to reduce the amount of body fat by one percent, which means serious workouts.

Training plan

The plan consisted of a huge amount of strength training with extra weights: squats, deadlifts, weighted lunges, exercises for biceps and triceps, and push-ups. A “lightweight version of the training plan” was developed for Cross, which included one additional strength training with weights under Dan Roberts’ supervision plus 3-4 home workouts: a 20-minute interval sprint, a one-hour strength training with extra weights, pilates, boxing, and ballet.

A month later, the number of sessions, supervised by Roberts, rose to four times a week, and home workouts remained at the previous level, which in total meant 7-8 workouts a week. The trainings were held every day, and on some days there were two workouts.

The first month was very hard. Cross said that she needed an extra hour of sleep to restore energy, and she got sick with colds three times during the experiment. But by the end of the third month, she could cope with 72 kg in deadlift, which is more than she weighs!


Cross’ diet consisted mainly of liquids and expensive supplements and pills: a vitamin and mineral complex, digestive enzymes, BCAA – a complex of amino acids, which help the body burn more fat, and SeroSyn – a complex designed for the specific purpose of maintaining a positive attitude.

Dr. Charles Passler, Victoria’s Secret nutritionist, developed a special low-carbohydrate diet for Poppy, high in protein and fat (ketogenic diet): chicken, fish or beef almost in every meal! If there was no possibility to eat meat, it was replaced with an equivalent amount of protein: for example, three eggs replaced one portion of chicken. Sugar-containing foods – even fruit – were completely excluded.

During the first month, Cross could eat vegetables. Those were mostly vegetables growing “above the ground”: zucchini, lettuce, sprouts (bean or wheat), and broccoli. But then she had to keep to a diet, which VS models follow before fashion shows: only fat and protein! In order to keep the energy level at the appropriate level, it was necessary to eat two tablespoons of butter or oil with every meal. It was very difficult to eat at restaurants or at home on holidays.

After each workout, she had to drink a protein shake on the basis of coconut water or almond milk and eat a protein bar as a snack. The trainings took place on an empty stomach. Before the workouts, she could drink black coffee or water with vitamin and mineral powder.

In order not to have the calories accumulated as fat, the last meal was at six o’clock in the evening. Alcohol was completely forbidden.

The result


By the end of the experiment, Poppy Cross had not had any considerable weight loss, but she had begun to wear the clothes one size smaller. The girl had lost 5 cm in her waist; unfortunately, her breast had decreased by one size too. In addition to external physical changes, there were some inner changes as well: because of the low-carbohydrate diet (and the total exclusion of fast carbohydrates) the level of cholesterol got significantly lower.

In order to obtain such results, it took Cross a ridiculously small period of time, but huge physical and psychological effort.

You cannot live in this mode all the time, even if you are a Victoria’s Secret model, as it implies an almost complete lack of family and social life. Moreover, it is harmful to health, and even VS “Angels” do not stick to this regime permanently.

Dr. Passler warns that low-carb diet is not designed for long-term use because it can lead to problems: lack of nutrients and an imbalance of normal intestinal bacteria.

As you can see, the appearance of VS “Angels” is only partially given from birth. Everything else comes with very hard work, both physical and psychological. And the fact that even Victoria’s Secret models stick to this lifestyle only when needed (mainly before shooting or catwalk events), proves once again that one cannot always pursue models’ appearance as it is fraught with health problems and a disastrous drop of self-esteem.

It is better to stick to a balanced diet and treat trainings with moderation. It will allow you to feel full of energy and keep the body in good shape. And if you want to prove something to yourself, you can go through a four-month hell like Poppy Cross did, but only under the supervision of a personal trainer and after consulting with a nutritionist and a doctor!

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