How to Get Rid of Food Addiction

Tasty CakesIf you’ve had urge for sweets – go for a walk! Spending just 15 minutes outdoors would replace the tastiest chocolate for you, according to British scientists. The scientists of the University of Exeter found out that even short-time physical activity is enough to lower the irresistible desire for a cigarette or food – in particular, for sweets.

The neurologists suggest that in the brain zones of people who are addicted to cigarettes or food the equal processes take place, and it may happen that during physical activity special agents are produced that help lift our spirits and lower the pernicious desire.

People – devoted chocolate lovers – who were involved in the experiments were forbidden to eat dainties and instead of this were suggested to choose between active walk and rest. Then they were given some easy tasks which could excite chocolate desire – for example, to solve a quiz or, moreover, to unpack a bar of chocolate. The results showed that those who had come back from walk were feeling less desire for the dainty than those who simply had a rest. Besides, the effect was kept for at least 10 minutes after walk.

This is the first scientific evidence that physical activity could lower food addiction.

Earlier it was known about the good effect of physical exercises on people willing to get rig of nicotinic or weak narcotic addiction.

According to the previous studies, 97% of women and 68% of men are food-addicted. And the most of products which are the objects of strong addiction are those of high-calorie high fat and sugar content. Chocolate is out of competition among them. A long time ago it was proved that chocolate contains much of biologically active elements which are able to improve the mood and thus, making a person addictive to chocolate.

The results of the research were published in the magazine Appetite and undoubtedly will be good news for people who are really trying to fight food addiction and want to lose weight.

Food addiction is similar to a drug addiction. It can be impossible to resist the urge, but like drug addiction treatment, there are programs to help overeaters.

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