How to Drop Weight Fast?

Every woman who begins to lose weight wants the result to be visible as soon as possible. A recent research shows which way to lose weight is the shortest one.


An employee of the University of Arkansas, Dr. Ashley Binns, seems to have found the answer to the eternal question of how women should eat to lose weight quickly. According to the expert, if you eat protein products before a workout, half an hour of moderate physical activity still allows burning more calories.

Dr. Binns discovered what mode of food and exercise was most effective in losing weight. The experiment involving 10 women showed that when protein intake was combined with training, the increase in energy consumption and fat burning in the body was more intense.

According to the specialist, refusing to eat before physical activity hoping to burn more calories is meaningless. Moreover, physical activity plays a key role in the slimming method proposed by Dr. Binns. She warns that protein diet without exercise can lead to muscle loss. The fact is that protein consumption raises body temperature while simultaneously splitting muscle fibers. Without load, their condition can deteriorate.

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