Fats Better Than Carbs

A fat-rich diet may be beneficial for the heart health. Doctors claim that carbohydrates cause the arteries greater harm than butter or cream.


If you choose to limit the use of fatty foods to take care of the cardiovascular health, you will achieve the opposite effect. Experts believe that a fatty diet is not dangerous for the heart. This assumption is based on a false interpretation of a number of scientific researches, resulting in millions of people over-zealous with statins.

Some countries are already moving away from that mistake. In particular, Sweden released new guidelines for their doctors and nutritionists, which recommend patients to choose foods rich in fats, reducing the amount of carbohydrates in the diet. A British cardiologist Aseem Malhotra said that the government had been giving advice to the population about the need to reduce the intake of saturated fats for nearly 40 years in order to preserve heart health, which, paradoxically, led to a sharp increase in the number of cardiac patients.

Back in 1970, authoritative studies were published showing a link between heart disease and blood cholesterol levels, which is correlated with the amount of calories in saturated fats absorbed by man. But the correlation is not a cause, as claimed by Dr. Malhotra of the Croydon University Hospital, London.

The most recent studies have failed to find a connection between saturated fat intake and the risk of cardiovascular diseases. In fact, this type of fat is even beneficial to the heart and blood vessels. In addition, control of saturated fat is a cause for obesity. Remove fat from these foods, and they will become tasteless. And to make them delicious again, the producers stuff them with sugar, which causes diabetes and excess weight.