Fat Burning Cream Created

Fat burning cream that has been the subject of science fiction books and films for a long time, acquired its real outlook. The first prototype of this cream has already passed the stage of clinical trials, and it is expected that the sales market of this cosmetic preparation will outshine Botox indicators.


Fat burning cream XAF5, as it became known, passes through the first stage of clinical trials. The efficacy of this cream is in combating bags under the eyes. It is expected that the medication will require a prescription to buy it and will exceed the popularity of Botox.

The main feature of XAF5 is the reduction of fat in the areas where it will be applied. This is the first means for cosmetic fat loss without injection, without heating or cooling, without a scalpel, radio waves or sound. Like Botox, the fat burning cream was discovered quite by accident. While testing the new treatment for glaucoma, the patients noticed that except reducing intraocular pressure the drops had an unusual side effect – they reduced the level of fat.

The study authors, ophthalmologists Michael Singer and Murat Kalaoglu from Harvard quickly realized that they had discovered a potentially powerful beauty ingredient. So they immediately began a new start-up – a company called Topokine Therapeutics, which soon came up with a fat burning cream based on the same molecule as the eye drops.

It is not surprising that in the course of the first clinical studies, the patients’ bags under the eyes were eliminated. For most people, this is an unpleasant effect of aging. Currently, there is only one sure way to get rid of bags under the eyes – plastic surgery blepharoplasty. According to the creators of the cream, their product will be an excellent alternative to surgery.

The first stages of the study showed that in patients aged 40 to 70 years, visible results are observed using the cream for five weeks. And by the end of the 10th week, 84% of the patients were completely satisfied with the results.

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