Drinks and Weight Loss

LatteDieticians warn, those who wish to stay slim and young need to pay attention not only to what they eat but to what they drink as well, as beverages by no means contain less calories than hard foods. For instance, a large glass of white wine may contain about 180 calories and a large cup of Cafe Latte with whole milk – about 260. Is there any need to note that regular consumption of those drinks can have some nasty effect on your figure?

Do Drinks Make You Eat More?

Besides the fact that consumption of beverages completely cancels out your dieting and giving up fat and sweet foods, the drinks, in fact, make people eat more. Such statement was made by researchers from the Harvard University.

Calories in Beverages

They watched for eight years eating habits of 50 000 nurses and came to the conclusion that lemonade and sugary fruit juices lovers consume on average 358 extra calories every day. Those people did not recognize drinks as “danger foods“. In the long run their weight was noticeably increasing.

Treacherous Drinks

Furthermore, one of the last issues of the magazine of American Dietary Association reported that 22% of our daily calories come from the liquids. Moreover, the calculation of this number did not consider alcohol consumption! Keep in mind that quite often non-alcoholic beverages supply half of the excess sugar we consume.

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