Does Criticizing Your Partner Help Them to Drop Weight?

Do you want to lose weight? Marry a nagging woman who would dislike your excess weight! American scientists claim so after a study on weight loss involving several hundred volunteers.


American psychologists conducted a survey in which they studied weight loss in different families. It turned out that those men, whose wives are constantly grumbling about excess weight, lose it more successfully. Thus, women’s constant criticism is generally good for men. However, the researchers add that this method is applicable to those men who are not enough motivated to restrict themselves in food or do exercise.

The situation is different in women. They need their husbands’ love and support, not criticism (You can do it!). However, criticism does not work with women who decide to go on a diet. Americans believe that this is due to different gender roles in the society: men care less about their appearance than women do. Overweight women too strongly feel the critical “pressure” of the collective condemnation.

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