Coffee Suppresses Appetite & Promotes Weight Loss

The fact that coffee has beneficial effects on human health has been known for a long time. Recently, the scientists have expanded the list of useful properties of the drink. It was found that it promotes weight loss.

Cup of Coffee

The staff of the University of Queensland tried to find out whether coffee helped to lose weight by suppressing appetite. The results of clinical trials have confirmed that the fans of coffee really have a slender figure.

In the course of work, the scientists offered the volunteers normal or decaffeinated coffee, or caffeine pills during breakfast and observed their appetite before lunch. They recorded a decrease in hunger and weight loss in those who consumed usual coffee. According to Matt Schubert, such an effect was not observed in the participants, who drank decaffeinated coffee or took caffeine pills.

The drink helps to control weight. By reducing the appetite it reduces the amount of food consumed. The study is going on.

Earlier, Japanese scientists came to the conclusion that daily consumption of coffee could reduce the risk of stroke by one fifth. The employees of the American Cancer Society in Atlanta said that daily consumption of four cups of coffee reduced the risk of developing cancer of the mouth (even in smokers and alcohol addicts). But the scientists from the Norwegian National Institute of Occupational Health and the hospital staff at the University of Oslo found that one cup of coffee drunk before work reduced physical pain.

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