Sun Creams Reduce Pimples

The 26-year-old girl, working as a columnist in the field of cosmetology, has tried every possible means to remove acne. The result was observed when she used the least promising remedy – sunscreen creams.


Nicole Visscher from New York tells how she suffered from painful pimples and blackheads on the face. Not having a lot of spare cash, she decided to try various cheap products for the treatment of acne. At first, nothing helped her, until she conducted her own investigation and found out that many of the expensive products contained zinc oxide.

The same ingredient is contained in sunscreen lotions and creams for diapers. Then Nicole bought an SPF 45 sunscreen containing 6.8% zinc oxide. The girl used this cream not only during the day, but also at night during sleep. After 24 hours, she noticed positive changes – her skin started to look better.

According to Nicole, the results confirmed her hypothesis that sunscreens could be used to treat acne. She admits that at first it seemed illogical to apply this cream to the skin before going to bed. But it only took one night to see the difference on the face – her skin began to heal.

Two days later, the pimples on Nicole’s face became more even, they reduced in size, and a month later the skin looked almost perfect. Nicole warns those who have decided to follow her method that the consistency of zinc oxide and its frequent use can make the skin too white. To avoid this effect, the girl advised to apply the cream sparingly and rub it carefully into the skin.

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