Citrus Fruits – A Tasty Way of Losing Weight and Fighting Diabetes

Recent studies that have been published in Diabetes reveal the newly-discovered salubrious qualities of citrus fruits. They are rich with a flavonid called naringenin that exerts a powerful and manifold influence on the functions of the body.

Citrus Fruits

First, naringenin prevents the liver from storing the fat consumed during the meal and stimulates its burning, bringing down the levels of triglyceride and cholesterol and providing for a more natural flow of metabolic processes. It makes this flavonid an effective weight reducing agent that acts in a natural way without making you stifle your appetite and watch your food intake.

Then, naringenin affects the development of type-2 diabetes by stabilizing the amount of glucose in the body. It was discovered to be a potent antioxidant whose properties are close to that of insulin. Its influence on metabolism includes decrease of the insulin resistance in the body.

The flavonid that is contained in citrus fruits, mainly in grapefruit, is able to lessen the possibility of developing cardiovascular disease, in diabetic cases especially.

The researchers say that it produces a good overall influence on the metabolic processes in the body.

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