Chewing Food Longer Promotes Weight Loss

The scientists from Harbin Medical University have found that chewing is better than talking. It has been proved by an experiment involving volunteers who were supposed to chew each bite 40 times. It turned out that it allowed to absorb 12% less calories.


The theory that the longer you chew, the less likely you are to overeat is not new. Many scholars have claimed that a leisurely lunch gives the brain more time to get the signal that the stomach is already full. It also reduces the level of ghrelin, the hunger hormone.

The doctors from Harbin have tested their theory on 16 slender people and 14 obese volunteers. It turns out there is a difference in how obese and slender people chew. Despite the fact that overweight people were chewing at the same speed as those who were slender, they swallowed the food faster.

The next experiment involved the volunteers who were again given portions of pie: they were asked to chew well, first 15 times, and then 40 times. When the people were chewing longer, they consumed 12% less calories, regardless of their weight.

Source of the image: Photl.