9 Tricks to Eat & Look Like a Model

Staying slim and graceful like a cover girl or a catwalk queen doesn’t imply living off pieces of carrot on a salad leaf as you may think. Actually, they enjoy excellent meals since they know how to avoid putting on unnecessary pounds without starving. Here are some hints on how to have a hearty meal that won’t affect your waistline any – from Victoria’s Secret models, who better?


1. Only Fresh Food!

Do not get hungry yet stay shapely if you know how to eat the way Victoria’s Secret girls do! The first tip is to stick to fresh food, pass by packages, boxes, all foods that seem faked-up or well-preserved. Fresh nutrients and fats will come most healthy, they will sate your hunger without filling you out, and fresh fruits and veggies is the best bet.

2. See You Get Ample Amount of Protein!

We all need protein in ample quantities to take care of our metabolic processes and inhibit sugar cravings. Besides, having enough protein means having supple muscles. Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr advises to get it from eggs, chicken, grilled fish, and vegan protein powder, as excellent sources of proteins that are unlikely to overburden your body.

Grilled food

3. Don’t Miss Out Superfoods!

Victoria’s Secret models have long made superfoods a part of their daily diets. Actually they (superfoods being stuff like acai, coconut oil, gogi) are not essential for healthy eating, but they are good for energizing, preserving beauty, and Miranda Kerr, for one, goes for it happily.

4. Eat Sparsely and Frequently!

If there is one strict rule for models’ eating, it is to eat regularly, often, but small quantities of food. This way you will stay always nourished, your blood sugar will keep stable, you will have no digestion problems, no bloating of the stomach, and it guarantees you will be more energetic than usual all through the day.

Woman is eating a huge sandwich

5. Keep Beauty in Mind!

Take pains to find out what foods can make your skin healthy, and make up your diet of foods that will provide proper nutrition and preservation of your beauty. Goodies like salmon, dark chocolate, green smoothies, avocados, almonds, coconut oil, will do a lot of good to your skin. If you eat for your beauty you can forget about the calories, at least, don’t get too fixed on them.

6. Stay As Organic As You Can!

Victoria’s Secret models go by the rule to eat organic fruits and vegetables as often as they can. It’s as simple as that, get your nutrition from organic stuff, it’s best – and often more tasty – this way.

Exotic foods

7. Keep Processed Sugar Out!

Victoria’s Secret models’ nutritionists keep them strictly off processed sugar. It is conducive to putting on weight, experiencing low blood sugar swings, and makes the skin age. If you want to sweeten your palate, eat berries like raspberries, blueberries, pomegranates, as well as apples and other fruits that are low in sugar content.

8. Eat to Be Energetic!

An inevitable part of the routine for Victoria’s Secret models (especially those over 25) is daily workouts, and they need a lot of energy to exercise properly and maintain their good looks. So they have to get energy from their meals – and not starve! The advice from their dietitian is to feed heavily on foods like oatmeal, omelets, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, salads and brown rice with protein. Enough protein and slow-burning carb food do the trick.

Woman drinking water

9. Stay Hydrated!

It’s fine if you keep drinking water, but you can also eat it, is the tip from Victoria’s Secret models. It is a natural way of hydrating your body, as well as retain your energy and not to worry about your waistline bloating out. Besides, water-rich fruits and veggies help keep the skin clean and healthy. So, drink much water, but add to the good job by eating 3-4 fruits every day and as much of veggies as you can.

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