10 Reasons for a Slow Metabolism

Slow metabolism prevents you from losing weight and keeps extra pounds. Experts have revealed what slows down the metabolism not allowing you to lose weight even on a diet.


1. Irregular meals

One of the major factors hindering the metabolism, according to experts, is irregular meals. A study on mice conducted by Israeli scientists revealed a pattern: fatty foods consumed without a schedule can favor weight gain. Irregular meals teach the body to stock calories “for a rainy day”.

2. Not enough calories

Another factor of a slow metabolism is calorie deficiency. If a woman is too zealous about losing weight, her body may turn on the “starvation mode” with a more intensive accumulation of calories.

3. Lack of moisture

Lack of moisture also reduces the activity of metabolic functions, for all cellular processes depend on water. According to a research conducted in the U.S., a body lacking moisture burns two percent fewer calories.

4. Skipping breakfast

Skipping breakfast is very unhealthy, since this meal helps ensure that the body has turned on the strategic mechanisms causing it to accumulate energy. The people who skip the morning meal are 4 times more likely to put on weight.

5. Lack of sleep

A chronic lack of sleep also switches an energy-saving mode in the body.

6. Calcium deficiency

A lack of calcium, which is important for fat metabolism, is another reason why you cannot lose weight

7. Menstruation

Menstruation slows down the metabolism, as due to the loss of blood and iron, muscles lose oxygen, and physical activity reduces.

8. Lack of physical activity

A passive lifestyle is the enemy of slimness. 20 minutes without moving is enough for the metabolism to slow down.

9-10.Unexpected causes

There are reasons that women sometimes do not even know about. For example, pesticides contained in food, as well as changing the time zone, which affects your internal biological clock, can cause slow metabolism.

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