9 Useful Habits

Do you want to become happy, successful, and get along with people easily? Develop these useful habits.


1. Early rise

Successful people tend to be early birds. This period of peace until the awakening of the world is the most important, inspiring and relaxed part of the day. Those who have discovered this habit for themselves, claim that they had not lived a full life before they started waking up at 5 am every day.

2. Reading

If you replace at least part of the aimless sitting in front of the TV or computer with reading useful and good books, you’ll be the most educated person in the circle of friends. Success will follow you immediately. There is a fascinating quote by Mark Twain, ‘The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.’

3. Simplification

The ability to simplify means to eliminate unnecessary things and leave space for the important ones. Getting rid of the useless is not so easy – it takes a lot of practice and a reasonable mind. However, this process clears memory and feelings from what is unimportant, reduces stress and anxiety.

4. Slowing down

You cannot enjoy life in a busy, hectic and chaotic environment. You need to find some time of quietness for yourself. Slow down and listen to your inner voice. Slow down and pay attention to what matters. If you can develop the habit of waking up early, it may be precisely the right moment. This is your time – time to breathe deeply, to reflect, to meditate, to create. Slow down – and all that you pursue will find you.

5. Exercise

Lack of activity destroys the health of each person, while regular exercise will help to keep it. Those who think that they have no time for exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness. Your health is your achievement. Find your own program – you can do sports without leaving the house (home program), and without going to gyms (for example, jogging).

6. Daily Practice

There is an observation: the more practice a person gets, the more successful he or she becomes. Is it a coincidence? Luck is where abilities and practice come together. Talent cannot survive without practice. Moreover, you do not always need talent – a good skill could easily replace it.

7. Environment

This is the most important thing. It will accelerate your success more than anything else will. Surround yourself with enthusiastic people full of ideas – it is the best support. They will give you useful tips and necessary stimulus and support. What else except disappointment and depression will you get from the people who are stuck at the job they hate? We can say that the level of your achievements is directly proportional to the level of achievement of your environment.

8. Keep a diary of thanks

This habit creates miracles. Be grateful for what you already have and strive for the best. Be sure that by defining your purpose in life, it will be easier for you to recognize opportunities. Remember that gratitude creates more reasons for joy.

9. Be persistent

Only the 303rd bank agreed to provide Walt Disney with a fund for Disneyland. It took more than a million images for 35 years before Steve McCurry’s photo, The Afghan Girl, was equated with da Vinci ‘s masterpiece, Mona Lisa . 134 publishers rejected the book by J. Canfield and Mark V. Hansen, Chicken Soup for the Soul, before it became a mega-bestseller. Edison had made 10000 unsuccessful attempts before he invented the electric light bulb. Do you see the pattern?

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