Best Valentine's Day Film Ever – Paperman

The Walt Disney film studio posted an amazing short-length film Paperman on the Internet. It can be very useful for creating a romantic mood on the eve of Valentine’s Day. We will not go into details of the touching story – you need to see it yourself.

Two Hearts

Walt Disney Animation Studio has confirmed its serious level again. The debut work Paperman by director John Kahrs was nominated for an Oscar in 2013 and collected more than 3 million views on youtube in a matter of two days. The short-length film is actually made with the help of a unique technology that combines computer and hand-drawn animation.

According to Kahrs, stylized photorealism should not be the only way to create animation in the exciting period that we live in, even though we can watch lots of computer animation that comes from the production lines. He believes that 2D-animation should be reborn, and the only thing we need is to come up with a new approach to it. Kahrs clearly seems to be paving his road to success. You will not regret having spent 6 minutes of your precious time while watching this amazing film!

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