Cute Yoga Dog and Cat 2011 Calendar

Photographer Dan Borris’s infatuation with yoga has already stood him in good stead when he released a hit calendar of yoga-doing dogs. Now he is further capitalizing on his cute idea preparing a 2011 calendar with puppies and kittens in poses that resemble most famous of yoga asanas.

Yoga dogs and cats from Dan Borris

In preparing his new calendar that is already gaining worldwide popularity he was assisted by his wife Alejandra. An experienced yoga instructor, she managed to inveigle some puppies and kittens into yoga-like poses while her husband was taking pictures.

Yoga dogs and cats from Dan Borris

Afterwards Borris brought the poses to a closer similarity with the help of Photoshop editing.

Yoga dogs and cats from Dan Borris

While the photographer is delighted with his ability to reproduce the animals’ “profound concentration”, orders for his 2011 calendar from Europe, Russia and Japan keep coming in.

Source of the image: Yogadogz.

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