The Most Essential Pet Gadget: Auto Cat Toilet Footloose

If you are a fan of weekend tours or are often forced to leave home for a few days on a business trip, you know what it means to worry about a pet, which is left alone. For the pet not to get hungry, several devices have been created, but the “toilet” question turned out to be a complicated one, and the solution to this problem was found only now. And it is very original.

The Footloose toilet smart tray is able to determine whether a pet has got inside it or not. After the animal visits the device and relieves itself, the gadget will automatically turn on the self-cleaning of the tray and fill the container with a new filling. The waste will be removed to a closed section with a deodorizing unit that eliminates unpleasant odors. As a result, the pet will not consider the toilet already used and will not begin to look for a new “secluded” corner in the house in order to relieve the need. Moreover, the pet owner will find it easier to throw the waste from the pet toilet.


Footloose can be controlled remotely via the installed mobile application. In addition, the gadget informs the user about how often the pet visits it when it is time to replenish the filler and empty the dumpster. By the way, this smart device with an original and very stylish design is positioned as an accessory for cats, but surely it is also suitable for decorative dogs.

The cost of the toilet a smart tray is $274, which is quite a lot for this kind of product. However, the company managed to collect 22 times more than the requested amount on Kickstarter, namely over $1,130,000. This means that the Footloose device is perceived as a very necessary and nice invention for the household, which is important for many people. We can just rely on the developer’s integrity and the success of Footloose in the market.

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