Cute Pictures of Puppies Part 1

I adore dogs. Puppies make me smile. These beautiful pictures have reminded me of a film, where a man was teaching another one, how to get on women’s good side: “take a puppy with you”. And this is true. We become so kind, so gentle, when we see a cute puppy. One could ask for everything at such moments and get it. Dear women, girls, enjoy pictures of these cute puppies, but be careful and make sure, that nobody could use your good mood 😉

So tiny and soooo Cute!

Cute Puppies

Nice Doggy

Two Little Puppies

Very Little Puppy Lying on his Back

Two Little Puppies

Two Puppies ‘Kissing’

Two Little Aliens

Sad Cute Puppy

My Favorite Little Poodle

Please, feel free to express your emotions and leave comments about these pictures, share your wishes. Do you like these photos? Would you like more of such pictures?

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