Would You Rather Smile or Have No Wrinkles?

British woman named Tess is depicted in the photo. She is 50 years old now, and she is 50 years old in this photo. She claims that she has not been smiling for 40 years, and therefore she has no wrinkles. Back in adolescence, she decided to work on the muscles of the face, control them and not to provoke the formation of wrinkles.


Even at school, she had the nickname of “Mona Lisa” due to the fact that she was smiling only with the corners of her lips. Her photo at the age of 19:

Interestingly, she was not smiling even to her daughter when she was born, when she said the first word, when she made the first step. It is difficult to imagine.

She really has almost no wrinkles. She does not have the wrinkles that are formed from laughter, that is, there are no nasolabial folds and crow’s feet.

But the gravity force has its influence! It is evident that facial features still go down, and there are bags under the eyes… Although, of course, Tess looks good for the age of 50 years!

But the question is: Are you ready to give up smiles and laughter for such a result? And in general, is it possible to control your emotions that much?

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