Woman Hasn’t Shampooed Her Hair for 5 Years

The woman stopped washing her hair with shampoo 5 years ago, but claims that her hair has become only healthier. Moreover, she is not going to buy shampoo ever again.


An Englishwoman Jacquelyn Byers argues that 5 years ago she ceased washing her hair with shampoo, because it contains too many chemicals. However, looking at these pictures, you will notice that the woman’s hair does not look dirty or greasy. On the contrary, it seems quite healthy and lush.

Jacqueline began her way to “natural hair” with buying only natural shampoos and conditioners. However, the woman could not use them too often because they are too expensive. Then she switched to orange cider vinegar and baking powder. This combination proved to be quite effective, and Jacqueline used it for two years, until she stopped washing her hair at all.

The woman says that she gave up shampoo not only out of fear before chemicals. They did not really help her, because after using it, her hair still looked dirty and dry. It has been 5 years since she used shampoo last, and three years since she last washed her hair at all. Her husband liked the experience so that he refused the shampoo as well.

Jacqueline believes that shampoos and other hygiene products have become a part of our culture, and abandoning them may even border with the rejection of social norms. However, the woman claims that her hair is healthier than ever.