Facelift Made A Woman Look 15 Years Older

The face of this woman has “slipped down” after a cosmetic surgery procedure, which was supposed to make it youthful. Now the bad facelift victim looks much more wrinkled and older than before.


This Englishwoman looks 65, or even 70, but in fact, she is only 57. Yvonne, a nurse from Hertfordshire, decided to do facelift, which turned so awful that she did not go out for three years. However, the plastic surgeon claims that the failure was caused by Yvonne’s reluctance to use Botox. The woman herself believes that the doctor damaged her facial muscles during the surgery.

This happened in 2011, when Yvonne came to one of the local beauty clinics for facelift and neck skin lift. Later, the woman learned that the plastic surgeon decided to use the patient’s own fat during the operation to achieve more impressive results, so he did liposuction as well.

The face did not slip down at once – it did several months after the surgery. As a result, Yvonne began to look much older, as she has developed deep wrinkles. The woman can describe this with no other word than nightmare. She never left the house for the last three years. She had done eye-lift, then the lower and upper facelift, then neck lift. After a few months, the face began to slip down: first, the neck, then the chin, and soon after- the rest of the face.


She went to see the same doctor that operated on her, but all his attempts to improve the situation only led to its aggravation. Experts believe that Yvonne is a classic example of a patient who comes for one operation and gets quite another. A plastic surgeon, Dr. Vic Vinge, who decided to help the woman, said he did not see that anything had been done to the neck – the patient was simply deceived. The neck “failed” first. The argument that the patient is to blame for refusing Botox is beneath criticism.

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