What is Involved in A Mummy Makeover?

Pregnancy and parenting are some of the best experiences we can have. They are filled with a whirlwind and rollercoaster of emotions. You can love being a parent and love what your body accomplished, but you can also find it difficult to adjust to the toll that pregnancy took on your body. Feeling down about the way that your clothing fits or about your reflection in the mirror can result in a drop in self-esteem and confidence.

If you are looking to restore your body to the pre-pregnancy shape, you may be a good candidate for a mummy makeover. Just what is a mummy makeover? What kind of procedures are included in this surgery?

What areas are targeted in a mummy makeover?

There are two areas of concern that are most often impacted by pregnancy and breastfeeding. The increase in waist size that pregnancy brings with it can lead to loose saggy skin on the abdomen. According to experts at The Plastic Surgery Clinic in Sydney, there is often separation in the abdominal muscles that can make it harder for the skin to snap back after pregnancy.

Breasts can also be impacted by both pregnancy and breastfeeding. Women can see their breasts increase several sizes, and then also decrease again several sizes after their little ones have been weaned. This can lead to breasts that are sagging, droopy and have excess skin that won’t snap back.

The mummy makeover can help to restore a taut tummy and give you back breasts that have the youthful contour that you’ve been missing.

What to expect during and right after surgery?

Prior to your surgery you should be at a stable weight that has been maintained for several months. Any weight loss or weight gain may have an impact on the results that you see from your surgery. You should also follow the preoperative instructions that your surgeon provides to you. These instructions may include asking that you stop smoking well in advance of your surgery and that you stop taking aspirin and other medications or supplements.

During your surgery your surgeon will perform the procedures in a way that best suits your cosmetic goals. Excess skin from your stomach may be removed and the muscles may be repaired so that you can restore your stomach to the smooth and flat belly you had prior to pregnancy.

The breast surgery that you have will depend largely on your unique anatomy and on your cosmetic goals. Many women need just a breast lift to restore a youthful contour to their breasts. Some may ask for augmentation, while others may need a reduction. Your surgeon will discuss all of your options with you.

After surgery you can expect to feel discomfort for several days. You should ensure that you have help with your children so that you are able to rest and recover. Be sure to follow all postoperative instructions you are provided with. Take your prescription medication in the manner that your surgeon recommends.

What is the recovery process like?

Each person recovers from surgery at his or her own pace. You should expect to feel discomfort for up to a week but it can often be controlled with prescription pain medications. After a week of resting and limiting your movements to short walks, you should feel much more mobile.
You should still avoid lifting heavy items, including small children. It’s best to have help with your children and around the house until you have fully recovered from your surgery.

There are always potential complications with any surgery. Swelling is perhaps the most common complication and it can last for several months. Your full and final results may not be visible until the swelling has all subsided.

Cosmetic surgery can help you to restore your shape while also helping to restore your levels of confidence. A mummy makeover quite often combines procedures so that you can get the best in results with the least amount of downtime.

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