Top Features You Should Include into your Fitness App

Sport and fitness became a vital part of our everyday lives. People are used to high-intensity interval training workouts, races, city marathons. Many can’t imagine their lives without jogging or cycling. And the number of yoga aficionadas is more than impressive. Such a peculiar interest in healthy lifestyle led to the growth of health and fitness app development. Sport gyms and fitness bloggers develop their own mobile apps in order to generate more income and encourage more people to do sports.

Out of all fitness apps that are available in the market there are great, good and average ones. Nevertheless, even a simple fitness app with a humble list of features finds its own users. If you decided to build your own application, make sure to add the following features to gain an instant success:

  • Customized diet plans
  • Workout programs
  • Activity trackers
  • Social integration
  • Wearable device integration
  • UI/UX design

Let’s look at each feature in detail!

Customized diet plans

Providing users with tips on dieting and healthy nutrition is an essential feature for every fitness app. Add calorie calculator and tracker so the user can know exactly how many calories they eat with each meal. Include customization of diet plans to allow users to moderate what they eat, how much they eat and when they eat.

Workout programs

Enlisting workout programs in your app is a great move. Many people don’t have enough time or money to go to the gyms or they just don’t like to be around sweaty and loud people. Giving them an opportunity to watch workout live streams or offline workout sessions with a personal trainer will make your app high-demand and successful. Let users choose the program according to their fitness levels: beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Activity trackers

It’s highly unlikely that there is a fitness app out there that doesn’t include any kind of tracker, such as step tracker, sleep tracker, water tracker or calorie tracker. So don’t forget to include this feature in your app. The stats provided by trackers will help users to analyze their results over time, adjust their activity routine or eating habits in regard to the results they would like to achieve through exercising.

Social integration

This feature is also important. It allows users to share the experience of using your app with friends and family which can be a free advertising.

Wearable device integration

As there are a lot of additional sport devices such as wristbands and smart scales widely used by fitness community members, you should make sure that your app is compatible with the most popular wearable devices. This will allow users to track they activity and workout sessions better and then check the stats within your app.

UI/UX design

User interface and experience are two crucial elements of every app. With flawless design and intuitive navigation you will be able to attract more users right after you release your app. Check the modern trends, look at the appearance of your competitors apps and project your own UI/UX. Search for a skillful designer on platforms such as Dribble and Behance, as many artists post their portfolio there.

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