Teeth Whitening Turns to Obsession


Popular cosmetic teeth whitening procedure turns out to cause severe psychological addiction. It is because the desire of some people to have a Hollywood smile is really great.


In America alone, the sale of tooth whitening products has increased by 300% since 1996. The trend of excessive teeth whitening has become so commonplace that dentists report psychological addiction. The people who become its victims have a burning sensation in the gums; they are observed to have infections of the teeth, and they are absolutely convinced that no matter how white their teeth are, they could still make them even more snow-white.

This relationship has now extended to Europe. For example, nearly a third of UK residents are concerned about teeth whitening. The study conducted last week showed that the most highly paid cosmetic dentists earned more than a billion pounds last year, which is 22% more than in 2010.

If this procedure is carried out correctly, teeth whitening becomes a safe and easy way to improve your appearance. However, if it becomes a fashion, which is very poorly regulated and if it involves the use of untested products, teeth whitening may cause the destruction of enamel, gum problems, and infection.

Under the influence of the white smiles of admired celebrities, the bank employee from London named Teresa has been whitening her teeth 27 times in a matter of 5 years. Some time ago, the woman was diagnosed a serious gum disease and damaged tooth enamel. Doctors believe that she will have to part with most of her teeth, which will require huge costs for the installation of implants. However, the woman is still confident that her smile is not white enough, if to compare it with the “celebrities’ teeth” that she regularly observes in magazines.