Say Goodbye to His Scruffy Beard with no Shaving Required

Having a problem with your man’s messy beard? Worry no more. There are various ways to ensure your man’s beard is well kept. Most men grow beards, but only a few of them maintain great one. A beard has the ability to make a man look classy. A beardsman needs to know how to keep his facial hair healthy and manageable using a number of techniques and products. The following are some tips you can share with him (or force him) to achieve a great-looking beard.

Bread Products

Just like any other part of the body, the beard has to be kept in great shape using an array of products. One of the products is the beard balm. Almost all beard balms contain these four ingredients; carrier oil, beeswax, butter and essential oils. These ingredients all serve different purposes. Beeswax is instrumental in locking in the moisture provided by the other ingredients and gives the beard a better hold. The butter ensures the balm spreads to all parts of the beard thus keeping it healthy.

Carrier oils make the beard soft while essentials oils are responsible for giving it a pleasant scent. The greatest benefit of the balm is that it eliminates beardruff and enables the beard to grow without any trouble.

Beard oil is another great product. It is usually made by mixing two or more oils and is specifically designed to keep the beard healthy. What makes it unique is that it works like the natural oils produced by the facial skin, which means it benefits both the beard and the skin underneath. Whether you are trying to grow a bearded to decide to become clean-shaven, beard oil is vital.

All men who are growing a beard usually feel an itchiness resulting from hair follicles pushing through the skin. This is a natural occurrence which can be eliminated by applying beard oil. Dry facial skin underneath the beard usually leads to beardruff. Applying beard oil gets rid of the beardruff and softens the beard making it more manageable.

A beard wash is also one of the products needed to keep a healthy beard. Some beard shampoos out there leave the beard dry so it is advisable to acquire a dedicated beard shampoo to keep the facial hair healthy, and him away from your products.

The beard and the gentle skin underneath it tend to dry from reduced contact with the oxygen in the air, and conventional shampoos are unlikely to solve this problem – when it comes down to beard shampoo vs. regular shampoo it is wise to shell the extra penny and get both. A beard wash helps with hydration, which allows the skin to breathe and the pores cleansed. It also reduces itchiness during the growth of facial hair and helps get reduce the risk of developing unpleasant skin conditions. Lastly but not the least, it adds a pleasant scent to the beard.

Grooming techniques you can employ to keep the beard in great shape

The first is trimming the hair. As the beard grows, some of the hairs get lose or some patches become uneven. Trimming usually helps to maintain the desired shape (depending on the shape of one’s face) by keeping all the hairs at a uniform length. Experts advise the use or scissors instead of trimmers because it allows you to have a better control of how the beard should look. Regular trimming gives the beard a great look.

A beard brush also plays a very important role in the maintenance of a great beard. The brush shouldn’t be too small or too big; it should be a size that enables you to place it in the suitcase, the car or even in your pocket. The brush enables one to spread the oil to all parts of the beard, keeping it soft and free of beardruffs. A beard comb is also necessary as it complements the brush. It should be made of wood for two reasons; durability and its ability to spread the oils on the beard. Men with beards have to occasionally shave the cheek lines and the edges of the neck. The best tool for such a task is a razor.

The beard should be taken care of just like any other part of the body that needs proper maintenance. Some men find it stressful to keep a beard, others are just lazy. You can get your man organic beard shampoo – buy it here – and styling oil and balm to help him get over the beard hurdle. Or, just get him a razor and get it over with.

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