Puppet Facelift against Wrinkles

The so-called puppet facelift becomes the new popular way of dealing with age-related wrinkles. For its implementation, doctors use a thread with needles, like real tailors.


In recent years, we have faced a series of exotic treatments in plastic surgery, like the vampire facelift and buttocks implants. But fashion does not stand still, and there has appeared a service in beauty clinics, which is dubbed puppet facelift. It allows women to get rid of wrinkles, without undergoing a surgery.

The patients’ face is treated with special threads and needles – it is sewn, just like a puppet. The procedure takes only a couple of hours, and during this time threads which provide skin tightening are stretched across the face. According to the surgeon, puppet facelift allows patients to get a more natural appearance so such rejuvenation is going to look much more natural than the traditional facelift.

The threads are made of extremely strong polymers; they are threaded through the skin under local anesthesia using the thinnest needle. As a rule, threads are pulled near the hairline and around the temples and then connected with cheeks and nasal folds, descending to the mouth. After the procedure, the face may have a little bruising and swelling for a few days. In addition, patients are advised not to smile for a week for the threads to settle under the skin more firmly.

Scar tissue in the body keeps the threads inside, so the effect persists for 5-7 years after the procedure.

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