Plucking Hair against Hair Loss

US scientists believe that plucking hair can stimulate the scalp to regenerate new follicles. It would be an effective treatment for baldness.


For a man whose hair is thinning, the idea of ​​pulling the remaining curls seems a nightmare. However, scientists from the University of California believe that this may be a good strategy for the treatment of haor loss. Pulling out the old hair from the scalp should lead to the regeneration of new hair, and thus it will not only replace the missing hair, but also cause additional increase in volume in the places where hair no longer appears.

The authors of the study were surprised by the results obtained when it was revealed that pulling 200 hairs in a small area led to the appearance of 1,200 new hairs; that is, their number increased by 6 times. And the process of re-growth affected not only the area where the hair was pulled, but also spread to the neighboring areas, which led to an increase in the total volume.

This strategy may seem extreme, and it has worked well only with mice, but the researchers believe that their discovery could lead to the creation of new medicines or new methods of treating alopecia that would take into consideration the effect of pulling hairs. The authors of the study called their work a good example of when a purely scientific experiment may have a particular practical importance.

Previous studies of dermatologists showed that the damage caused to hair follicles led to hair regeneration. That is why the people who are getting bald are sometimes recommended rough scalp massage.