Natural Moisturizer: 6 Surprising Benefits of Jojoba Oil for the Best Skin of Your Life

Looking in the mirror, you can’t help but frown. For yet another week, your skin looks dull. It lacks vibrancy that you see other people your age possess. What are you missing? What’s their secret?

While not everyone is so open about their skincare routine, you can have a secret weapon of your own–jojoba oil. Made from a perennial shrub, it grows in Arizona plus parts of California and Mexico.

It’s not only an easy plant to take care of, but its oil also yields major benefits. It will make your skin brighter, healthier, and overall feel better.

Ready to find out about these benefits of jojoba oil? Keep reading!

1. Removes Makeup

At the end of the day, you’re ready to unwind and get ready for bed. That starts with removing your makeup.

Your skin has been suffocated all day by heavy makeup thanks to that special occasion you attended last minute. With all that your skin has been through, the last thing you want is to clean your face with makeup remover chock-full of chemicals and unfamiliar ingredients.

Rather than reach for your normal drugstore pick, opt for jojoba oil instead. It’s hypoallergenic so it’s safe to use around the eyes. Not only that, but also you’re using a natural substance to get all that caked-on makeup, bacteria, and dirt off of your skin.

After you’re done, your skin will feel refreshed and revitalized.

2. Prevents Breakouts

That pesky pimple that won’t go away can be treated with jojoba oil rather than a harsh chemical-filled product. One benefit that people aren’t commonly aware of is that this natural oil doesn’t clog pores. The fancy word for that is “noncomedogenic.”

When our pores are clogged with bacteria and dirt (yes, even leftover residue from makeup), pimples begin to form underneath our skin. Days later, you see those unsightly bumps that are red and painful.

Cleansing your face with jojoba oil can help keep pimples at bay. The way it works is that it cleans out filled pores because it’s rich in iodine. Iodine is the superhero to fighting villainous bacteria that result in breakouts.

Forget what you’ve heard about oils being heavy or sitting on your skin. After using jojoba, it sinks into your skin to create a barrier to prevent bacteria and dirt from penetrating pores.

3. Moisturizes Skin

You came to this article because you were intrigued to understand how jojoba oil doubles as a moisturizer, right? You’ll also be happy to know it can help keep your skin’s oil levels balanced as well.

Going into more detail, as we age, our skin produces less sebum. Sebum is our skin’s natural oil.

When our skin doesn’t produce a lot of sebum, it leads to dry skin, hair, and a flaky scalp. Jojoba works as a replacement for sebum. Its texture feels the same when our skin gets oily.

Jojoba is extremely moisturizing, making your skin feel more plump, hydrated, and healthier.

But don’t let that deter you from using it if you experience oily skin. It’ll work to reduce excess oil your skin naturally produces. It’ll balance the oils in your skin but won’t leave you feeling dried out.

Another detail we shouldn’t leave out is that it doubles as an emollient. This means that it works to moisturize skin to prevent dry patches.

If in the summertime or dryer seasons your skin feels rough or extremely dry, use jojoba oil to bring it back to life. It forms a layer of oiliness on the top of the skin that works to trap water so your skin will become hydrated once again.

4. Makes Hair Healthy Again

A dry, flaky scalp means your hair isn’t getting enough moisture. No matter your hair’s texture or length, every scalp needs to be healthy.

Enter jojoba oil. Not only will it fight off dandruff flakes by rehydrating your scalp, but it reduces frizz as well. Thanks to this oil being all-natural, you don’t have to worry about your scalp reacting badly since there are no harmful chemicals, like other products.

For those that deal with painful knots and tangles on a daily basis, adding a few drops of jojoba to your brush will ensure smoother strokes with less breakage.

5. It’s a Carrier Oil

Those that are into aromatherapy can rejoice to know they can use jojoba oil with their essential oils. A carrier oil means that it won’t evaporate and helps the essential oil absorb into the skin slowly.

If you were to place essential oils directly onto your skin, you may develop a rash or it can cause extreme irritation because of its potency.

Jojoba oil is often a popular choice for a carrier oil because it absorbs well. It doesn’t sit on the skin nor feel heavy after applying it.

For aromatherapy, it’s a great choice as it doesn’t have an overwhelming odor either.

6. Doubles as an Antioxidant

Jojoba oil is so good for your skin because it’s chock-full of vitamin E, which is an antioxidant. It provides moisture which gives your skin more elasticity.

Not only will it improve the texture of your skin, but it fights inflammation as well. With less inflammation going on, your skin will take on a more youthful appearance.

Vitamin E also aids in relieving the pain of sunburns. That paired with jojoba is a one-two punch against harmful UV rays as it’ll treat and repair the skin.

For those that have been born with thin hair or those experiencing hair loss, jojoba can help thicken strands for a healthier set of hair. Vitamin E delivers the necessary nutrients needed to promote a healthy scalp.

Use These Benefits of Jojoba Oil to Your Advantage for Healthier Skin and Hair

Healthy skin and hair are only a few drops away. Use these benefits of jojoba oil as a guide for any time your body could use a boost in moisture.

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