The Changing Trends of Plus-Size Women’s Clothing

It’s been decades that retailers have been treating plus size women as an entire species of shopper. In fact, there were rules particularly enforced on plus-size women when it came to selling to them. For example, bright colours should be completely avoided. This is one of the rules that have long been followed by for plus-size clothing. But with the change of time, even the fashion industry has evolved a lot.

The rules that were once followed for plus size clothing have now been ditched by designers. Not only that, but even ladies who wear plus-sizes clothing, are openly accepting the changing new trends in the fashion industry. Well, this has given birth to a whole new set of rules for Plus Size Women’s Clothing. Today, in this particular article we will look into some of the new trends that have been catching up with plus size clothing.

New rule for plus size clothing: changing trends

Today, plus size women have a much wider range of clothes to choose from. The trends have changed drastically and it can be said that it has changed for good. Some of the new trends that can be seen in plus size women clothing are:

1. White is a big No

There was a time when plus size ladies were asked to avoid wearing white. But today, we have a completely different scenario. According to stylist Susan Moses, the key to a beautiful garment comes down to fit and not colours. White garments don’t make you look bigger only if you manage to find the right fit and items. The same story is with black: if the piece doesn’t fit you well, you won’t look any smaller or thinner in it.

2. Button down shirts are not flattering

If you can team up a button down shirt with a jacket or cardigan, it will make you appear smaller in size. Your midsection will appear to be reduced. It is advised that you should look for pieces that have design details that can create shapes like wrapping, darts and are stretchable.

3. Bright colours and prints will make you look bigger

Well, the truth is that there are no rules to be followed when it comes to colours. All you need to do is to make sure that the colour you choose compliments your complexion. Just like white, plus size ladies today are free to wear any bright coloured clothes they want. They can even go for prints as well. The only thing to be kept in mind is to find the right fit for your figure.

4. Dress monochrome to look slimmer

Monochrome dresses are indeed great but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have any other options. Try to play around with different fabrics. Try to add a layer and avoid wearing the same fabric from top to bottom. All you need to do is choose the colour right and you will be good to go.

To conclude, it can be said that the fashion trends for plus size women clothing have come a long way. Today, you have more options than ever before, and women with any figure no matter heir weight can find the right outfit for any occasion.

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