How to Feel and Look Good after the Party

Woman Suffering from HeadacheAs the party is over we often feel pricks of conscience for eating too much (you seem to have got a couple of extra pounds), drinking too much (you’ve got a headache) and dancing too much (your feet ache so bad). Don’t blame yourself for it. It was a party, anyway. And you did have a good time. Now you need to find something that will bring you back to your normal state of wellness.

Detox Diet

You need detoxication. Your detox diet is going to be simple: 1.5 liters of water, more fiber-rich fruit and vegetables, freshly squeezed juices and herbal teas. Stay away from animal proteins, salt, sugar, alcohol, fats and starchy foods. The effect is going to be even stronger in combination with taking baths with sea salt and essential oils as well as with breathing exercises.

Tina Cassady’s Shiny Hair Trick

Tina Cassady, Liv Tyler’s personal stylists, uses a simple trick to give instant shine to the hair. She runs a cube of ice over the hair. The cold ice makes hair particles close up and your hair assumes that “polished” look.

Bobby Brown’s Shiny Hair Tip

Bobby Brown has her own secret how to apply rouges. Top makeup artist advises you apply them strictly to upper cheekbones avoiding lower parts. Accentuating lower cheekbones makes you look older.

Rouge Application Secret

By the way, peach-colored rouges can help conceal the dark circles under the eyes! This shade adds a special light look to your lower eyelids. On the contrary, pink rouges only emphasize the dark circles.

How to Camouflage Dark Circles under Eyes

And don’t forget about correction. Yellowish concealer easily hides the dark circles. Then, take a lighter concealer (it should be lighter than your foundation cream) and draw the line under the circles from the inner corner of the eye, smudging the concealer using touch-up technique. You will probably find the tips on how to look fresh in the morning useful, too.

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