How to Extend the Suntan Life

Tanning WomanComing back from vacations in a far-away land, apart from souvenirs and unforgettable impressions, we bring gorgeous suntan. Unfortunately, “seaside” suntan stays on the skin much shorter than the “local” one, moreover in many cities water is heavily chlorinated and because of that tan gets washed off even faster. How can we “save” the bronze-chocolate beauty?

Moisturize the Skin

First of all, you need to moisturise your skin well. It is recommended to take baths with sea salt and various vegetable oils. On the other hand, put saunas and Russian baths aside.

Don’t Use Skin Bleachers

You should stay away from skin bleachers as well as masks and cosmetics which contain cucumber, lemon, and milk.

Tea Mask for the Face Skin

Washing up with light tea and applying masks with tomato pulp (for 15-20 minutes) will help you preserve your tan.

Drink Enough Water

You should drink 1.5 litres of water and eat fat sorts of fish.

Dieting Tips for the Longer Living Suntan

Vitamins A, C, and E (vegetables, fruits, milk, egg yolk, beef liver, cheeses, watermelon, vegetable oils) will prolong your tan’s life as well. Increasing your vitamin A consumption (for example, by eating carrots) is not a bad idea either. You suntan will decorate your skin longer if you moisturise it and follow a proper diet.

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