Is Polygamy Ok?

Scientists have recently discovered that polygamy is part of our human nature. This way we can find the reasons behind the fact that many of us get involved in the so-called love triangles. Sexologists explain this tendency by saying that each of us has three centers of love emotions. Each centre is responsible for, respectively, passion, attachment, and romantic relationships. Hence, this is the reason why any person can have not only one but two or even three objects of affection.


The abovementioned centres need not to be triggered towards the same person. For instance, you can enjoy having conversations with one partner, but enjoy sex with the other one. What brings us to this “lust” is nothing else but the versatility of our human nature.

The current common-law trend marriage proves this. This trend once again shows: humans are naturally polygamous – since the common belief says that relationships which are not sealed by law provide extra freedom of action. Yet, for a great number of people living together it means checking out whether they will be able to live together for many years under the same roof once they are married.

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