Hair Drying Gloves

Perhaps the good old hair dryer will soon become a thing of the past after the appearance of these amazing eco-friendly gloves. They are made of high-tech microfibers, which dry the hair two times faster than a towel.


These funny big gloves are designed specifically for drying hair without using a hair dryer, which is known to be harmful, as it dries out the hair and damages it. These gloves are an environmentally friendly alternative to a traditional towel for the bathroom, created from high-tech microfibers.

On the surface, they look like most ordinary gloves, but they have the ability to dry the hair twice faster than the traditional towel. The fact is that their microfiber is specifically designed to absorb water and dry the hair.


The gloves perform an excellent job even when you need to remove hair styling products like gel or spray. According to the online retailer, which currently sells these gloves in the UK at the price of 13 pounds, this product is the best tool for fast hair drying when there is no time to wait for it to dry naturally.

According to the site, their main distinguishing feature is that they do not cause damage to the hair, unlike hair dryer. The manufacture of gloves involved the use of exclusively developed microfiber technology. In addition to drying hair, the gloves can be used for styling. They can help you twist the hair, creating the effect of curls or frizzy curls.

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