Golden Anti-Age Facial Masks

Golden facial masks are the most expensive and elite thing in cosmetology, but in Britain, the demand for them is growing steadily. Rich clients can order carrying out this procedure in a clinic, in the room of a luxury hotel, or right at home.


A few days ago, the picture of 41-year-old British model Lisa Snowden, whose face was covered with a gold film, appeared on the Internet. It turned out that Lisa had joined the ranks of rich and famous ladies, interested in gold-plated anti-aging facial masks. Their cost can range from several hundred to several thousand pounds.

Lisa herself has spent 1,000 pounds for the mask Gold Bee Venom, which includes not only real gold weighing 24 carats, but bee venom as well. The procedure was conducted in a luxurious room of The May Fair Hotel in London. Lisa herself tweeted the photo of her “gilded face” a little later. In the picture, the model shows some similarity with an Egyptian mummy.

Gold-plated masks with bee venom are a relatively new category of ultra-luxury cosmetology products. Their developers claim that gold and poison effectively rejuvenate the skin, improve the skin tone, make it more vital, “freeze”, lift or “pump” it, etc. In general, they are the natural alternative to Botox. Masks eliminate wrinkles effectively, struggling with the loss of elasticity due to age, increased pigmentation, irritation and inflammation.

The creator of the technique from the Rodial company, Hannah Kelly, claims that these anti-aging facials are absolutely unique in the market because they exploit the healing power of gold, well-known since ancient times, and combine it with modern technologies for skin care. Hannah says that gold has been treating people for centuries. Cleopatra slept with gold on her face; gold was constantly used for cosmetic purposes in the ancient Ayurveda. So we’ll just have to save enough money to test the miraculous power of this sumptuous mask on ourselves.

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