The End of Cosmetic Surgery Stigma?

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPs) recently disclosed that cosmetic surgery operations are on the rise again. Whether it’s due to the economy increasing again or the influence of selfie-obsessed celebrities such as the Kardashians, cosmetic surgery no longer seems to be remotely ‘taboo’ or something just for the rich and famous.


Did you know that there were 51,140 surgical procedures carried out in Britain last year alone? The most popular treatments are still procedures such a breast augmentation, eyelid surgery and face lifts, and on-surgical procedures such as botox and lip fillers are also on the up.

So has the cosmetic surgery stigma vanished? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why cosmetic surgery is continuing to grow in popularity.

The Growth of Online Informing

One reason cosmetic surgery is growing in popularity is that it’s much easier to find info about all procedures online. You can read reviews, watch videos and see before and after pictures – so people are able to make informed decisions when they are contemplating having surgery.

It’s easy to check out a surgeon’s reliability before committing to anything, so it’s easy to notice to stop to rogue practitioners. This can significantly decrease the amount of cosmetic surgery claims that are being made each year, installing faith in those considering a procedure that it is like to go well.

Remember: If you’re considering surgery, always make sure you’re visiting a qualified surgeon and that you’re aware of all the potential risks involved.

The Influence of Social Media

There are a number of studies and research that indicate that social media is having a negative impact on our self-esteem. There are a number of apps these days that can contort someone appearance totally, removing all imperfections from spots or pimples to slimming the face or raising cheekbones! This cultural phenomenon of taking selfies hasn’t helped to make people feel better about themselves. They are making us become more self-obsessed and keen to make ourselves look better than we do. People who already have a low self-confidence risk feeling an even greater need to transformation something about themselves.

Celebrity Culture

kourtney-kardashianWhile it used to be the case that celebs would deny surgery and pretend they haven’t had anything done, these days they post pictures of the before and after’s! The culture around cosmetic procedures has completely changed with the help of Instagram and snapchat making it so immediate. Kim Kardashian had thousands flooding to their closest clinic earlier this year when she posted pics of her having vampire injections! In fact, 82% of facial plastic surgeons indicated that celebrities are an important influence, especially in young people having cosmetic surgery.


Another big reason that cosmetic surgery ops are on the rise is that men are now getting in on the action! The most common treatments for men are liposuction, face lifts and nose jobs. Rewind a few years ago and cosmetic surgery was seen as a largely female trend, and while women still make up approximately 91% of all operations in the UK, the amount of men getting cosmetic surgery done has doubled in recent years!

If you’re considering cosmetic surgery, you need to make sure you do you research and talk to a number of professionals. You should also never rush into a procedure, as the effects are irreversible and with you for life.