Edible Sunscreen

The era of traditional sunscreens can come to an end with the release of the first suntan lotion that you will have to drink rather than rub in the skin. After using it just once, it provides a three-hour protection.


Sunscreens provide a person with reliable protection from sunburn and skin cancer, but many people do not use them due to certain inconveniences. First, they need to constantly rub the cream into the skin, and after any swimming this procedure must be repeated, as the protection is simply washed off with water. Some people do not like to carry a bottle with cream to the beach, and some people just forget to do it.

Osmosis Skincare Company from the U.S. launches the first product in the history of sunscreens that should be drunk rather than rubbed in the skin. The creators of Harmonised Harmonised H20 UV claim that their product provides protection for up to factor 30, which means that it will let you enjoy sunbathing longer, without being afraid of getting sunburns.

Once the product gets into the body, its liquid molecules penetrate the skin, blocking up to 97% of harmful UV rays. Two options of the cream have appeared on sale – with suntan and without it, which allow consumers to get a tan while being protected from the sun. The manufacturer’s website recommends drinking 2 ml every 4 hours of exposure to the sun, dissolving it in not less than 60 g of water.

In this case, you need to wait for about an hour before going out in the sun after the first use; the second dose must be taken three hours after the first one. Though this product has not been tested yet in clinical trials among dermatologists, the company promises to do it soon.

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