Cinderella Breast Augmentation for 24 Hours Only

We all remember the tale of Cinderella, don’t we? Thanks to her kind godmother, the girl got a chance to feel like a real princess, but only until midnight. Nevertheless, this was enough for winning a handsome prince’s heart and for a logical happy ending. Now every girl can become a Cinderella and try her luck in her pursuit of a prince. However, instead of a coach and a dress, girls are offered to augment their breasts. Just for a day.

Plastic surgery is becoming more affordable. Along with it, an increasing number of women get a boob job by means of implants or seriously consider the possibility. Well, you really shouldn’t hurry to make a decision concerning such a delicate matter. That’s why a Japanese clinic offers its patients to try what it’s like to walk around with a big bust. However, only for 24 hours.

A very unusual procedure has been offered in the Japanese Tokyo Isea Clinic since 2012. It has a very unusual and tempting name – Cinderella Breast. For quite a low price (about $ 50) girls are offered to augment their breasts by as much as one and a half size. However, the impressive beauty in the neckline area will last just for a day, or even less.

How does it work? Instead of implants and silicone, Ringer’s solution and lactic acid are injected into a client’s mammary glands. The mixture makes breasts bigger and supplier, but, because the composition is similar to natural body fluids, it quickly dissipates without causing any harm to the body.

The “Cinderella” breast augmentation procedure lasts only 20 minutes and is performed under local anesthesia. It does not lead to scarring. Only a small injection site remains, and it heals quickly.

Although the promised “1.5-size” effect should last 24 hours or even slightly longer, the doctors advise their clients to refrain from sports at this time, and also to cut down on fluids and even food. After all, this accelerates saline absorption. So, with such breasts, the only thing you can do is to be beautiful. And that’s it.

It is questionable whether this one-day beauty is worth a visit to a clinic and an injection of anesthetic. Moreover, today you can enlarge your breasts without any interventions, only by means of cosmetic products.

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