Callosity Treatment

Callosity TreatmentUnfortunately, having healthy and good-looking feet might take many of us a lot of time and efforts – both emotional and financial. Among them is the need to discard your favorite footwear. We create problems for ourselves wearing high heel shoes or trendy models that actually hurt our feet (like tight stiletto shoes). Eventually, being tortured over fall/winter season, our feet just don’t look good enough to wear open shoes. Callosities, corns, blisters, calluses and cracks are all far from being a nice-looking exterior. Additionally, they all can be really painful.

On the one hand, getting horny feet during summer won’t let us wear chic high heel boots in winter. On the other hand, hurting your feet by wearing tight winter footwear, you can forget about sexy open shoes in summer.

Danger Areas

Heels, big toe and balls of the toes are most common parts for callosities and corns to appear. Sometimes, you will experience a drawing pain in those parts. Corns also develop on the top of the toes where they rub against a shoe. It’s impossible to get rid of horny skin for ever. That’s because our body weight puts a constant pressure on the feet.

Callosities Removal

Do not trim your callosities off. Make sure you get your dry callosities expertly removed in a beauty salon, especially those with a tapered “root” deep under skin called keratoma.

Treating Callosities without a Root

If your callosities don’t develop a root, it is better to remove them by one of the advanced injury-free treatments available in beauty salons. One of them is a mechanical pedicure involving the use of special chemicals that help slough off dead skin.

Callosities Removal at Home

If you remove callosities by yourself, make sure to stick a special protective plaster where you worked on your skin. Otherwise a new pinky skin will get horny again.

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