Calf Botox Injections May Kill

Botox injections in the calf muscles have become a new fashion that involved a large number of women. However, doctors warn that this practice can result in severe complications and even death.


Women’s desire to look beautiful is sometimes stronger than common sense. Therefore, an increasing number of women refer to beauty clinics to go through calf Botox injections. With the help of this cosmetic procedure, they achieve the reduction in the size of this leg area, which helps them to wear elegant boots and just have more slender limbs, which are considered an indicator of female attractiveness.

For example, in the UK a similar procedure costs about 300 pounds. After contact with the botulinum toxins, there occurs a temporary paralysis of certain nerves in the calf muscle, which prevents them from fully reducing. This causes muscle relaxation and lessens the volume of the calves. The procedure itself affects only a small number of muscle fibers, so the person continues to walk normally.

It is particularly popular among people with a genetic predisposition to large calf muscles, among women involved in sports, or those who often wear shoes with heels because this makes the calves increase in size. In general, Botox injections can reduce the calves by two centimeters in a matter of 6 months. But doctors emphasize that this procedure is very dangerous. The ability of the muscles to pump blood from the legs to the heart may be broken, resulting in possible severe complications and even death. Are such risks worthy of slightly more slender calves?

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