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Beauty Standards Changes over the Last 100 Years

The standards of beauty are constantly changing in a given society. What was considered beautiful 100 years ago causes at best a light smile and bewilderment today.


Our review presents the photos of the 20th century beauties.

1. The period of Gibson girls, the 1910s


The ideal of feminine beauty was created by the American illustrator Charles Dana Gibson at the turn of the 19th and 20th cebeauty-woman-2nturies.


2. The flapper period, the 1920s


This is the nickname of emancipated young girls in the 1920s, personifying the generation of “the roaring twenties”.


3. The time of smooth curves and feminine lines, the 1930s


Flat-chested bony girls gave way to the girls with feminine shapes, rounded hips and light curves.

4. “Long live the power!”, the 1940s


Rough and severe forms, broad shoulders and strong figures became fashionable.


To cope with any difficulties, women were supposed to be strong and sturdy.

5. The return of soft feminine forms in the 1950s


Fashion publications encouraged women to say goodbye to thinness, gain weight and become more rounded.

The ideals of female beauty were Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and Dorothy Dandridge.

6. Twiggy model world, the 1960s


The sexual revolution ousted rounded forms out of fashion and revived the trend of bony girls.

7. Thin and slim, with a flat stomach and narrow hips, the 1970s


To wear such clothes and look perfect in them, women had to keep to a strict diet.

8. The era of fitness, the 1980s


Supermodels with toned bodies and very long legs became the ideal of beauty at this time.


9. The period of “street style”, the 1990s


Grunge style in music, unisex clothes and excessive thinness, which was also called “heroin chic.”


Sex-idols of that period were Kate Moss and Winona Ryder, thin women of low height, without any pronounced roundness.

10. Sporty and athletic beauties, the 2000s


Sexy, powerful and flexible at the same time, the women of this era are the complete opposite of the “street style” beauties.

11. Rounded hips and large butts, the 2010s


The figure should necessarily have a waistline, big butts and perfectly rounded hips.